Going for a stroll

Published on 19 June 2021 at 21:59

Last night Nienke had a small incident that was easily solved and everything else is well under control today. Her numbers ​​have improved a lot! Today after dinner I even got Nienke to leave her room. It all costs her a lot of energy, but past experience has taught us that the sooner she is back on her feet, the quicker she stabilizes. So, I arranged a wheelchair with the nurse and walked down the hallway and eventually ended up in the Ronald Mc Donald Living Room. Played some nice games and when the game was finished I told her to put it on the shelf. This was about 5 steps and she did this without even thinking. She even walked a few more steps next to the wheelchair. She was so proud and obviously so was I ;-)

In order to keep an eye on her sodium levels Nienke has to have blood drawn several times a day. Because quite a bit of blood is needed at a time and the blood has to flow smoothly, the puncture wounds are quite large….. This warrior bears scars… luckily these disappear quite quickly because once home we can switch to friendlier needles.

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