Turning Point

Published on 18 June 2021 at 21:50

After a pretty restless night Nienke had a very scary incident in which a lot of accumulated mucus was released from her lungs. It was probably already there since the operation, but because Nienke breathes using her diaphragm pacer, she didn't cough it up. The mucus must have been bothering her quite a bit.

Last night we had to adjust her fluid intake and her meds quite a bit. After consultating the doctors, a strict plan was made to get Nienke's sodium balance corrected during the day and we succeeded!! These were very stressful days, but today seems to be a turning point and we are heading in the right direction which obviously is HOME!

Nienke is still very weak and tired but has been sitting up for a while today. Even "played tennis" to be a bit active. She is chatting and is already looking forward to going home. That will still take a few more days if this positive trend continues, but we are so happy / grateful / relieved!!!

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