Let me introduce myself...

My name is Geraldine van Hell-Geurs and I was born in Grimsby, Canada (1981). In 1996 I emigrated to the Netherlands. There I met Herman, the love of my life, and we have been married since 2002. We have been blessed with 4 wonderful children. Daan (2003), Niels (2005), Thijs (2008) and Nienke (2014)

I was raised in a christian home and by grace alone God added me to His family. He is central in my life. Together with Herman we raise our children in following Him hoping and trusting God will win each one for Himself.

I am a people person  but also love to be alone. When I get that chance I fill my time with reading, writing, walking and since May 2020 I have started this blog. 

One purpose of the blog is to get more awareness for the incredibly rare condition my daughter has. Besides that to tell others what it's like to be her mom. My greatest goal is to paint an honest picture of what we go through...praying that, by sharing my story, God will be glorified. There has not been one moment that He has let us walk this journey on our own. To Him be the glory!