Published on 13 August 2021 at 22:08

We have a dog on trial!  One with a great character but also a lot of tricks because he is only 9 months old. Basically still a pup...

The day before yesterday I went to pick up Teddy. Nienke knew nothing about it. We purposely didn't tell her anything because the disappointment of the of the first dog being declined disrupted her numbers so much that she was on the verge of being hospitalized. I wanted to avoid this at all costs and we succeeded.

During the first meeting with his first owner, Teddy was terribly hyper. He jumped up us and when I fended it off he kept running in circles around us. I immediately liked him though, so I decided to take the "gamble" and take him with me to have his behaviour tested in Nijkerk. The behavioral assessment is quite tough for a dog. They tested whether he likes to work with his nose. Well, he sure does. They also tested whether he has perseverance and a bunch of other things. We went for a short walk to test his reaction to unfamiliar dogs. He passed everything!  After the behavioral test we had to go to the vet. Because he didn't like to be touched alot during the behavioral test, I decided to take him to the vet and have the health check done without me. I didn't want him to associate me with a negative experience. After all, we had just met and I didn't want his first impression to be that I was forcing him to do certain things. Good thing I did that because out of fear hecried and barked like crazy etc.. When everything was done I could distract him with cookies and positive attention. After the x-rays, the vet called me in and showed me all of them. Everything showed up perfectly healthy! And then it was time to surprise the rest of the family! I called Herman with the good news and before I got home he showed Nienke a picture of Teddy and explained that the trainer had found a dog. A dog that still has to go to the "service dog school" to be trained, but will already come to our home to get used to us. She was quite taken aback, but has not suffered much from it physically.

Once we got home, the training began. Fortunately, because we already have a dog, I already know a thing or two about dog training. Training a dog is alot of work. The whole day is filled with short training moments of a few minutes length. 

 I'm felling a bit overwhelmed to be honest. Fortunately Herman is going to be home the next few weeks for 3 weeks so we can share the care for Nienke. Taking care of Nienke all day and raising a dog is really impossible. Looking back we can see how everything falls into place. God's timing is perfect! Thank You Lord!


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