Lion Ward-Room 2

Published on 13 November 2020 at 20:52

Nienke has been in the hospital every night since December 20, 2019. Occasionally a whole day due to treatments or testing and in between unfortunately also a few weeks full-time because she got really ill. There have been days we were afraid that we would lose her.

When you are in the hospital for a long time, your place to sleep will at some point look like a mini camping. All cards that are delivered at home get stuffed into my purse and are hung up here on the wall. Last week I quickly took a picture of the fully decorated wall because it is now empty again. Everything that will not be taken to Groningen is taken home. Our cozy place is becoming less cozy and that feels really weird. Where it was often cluttered due to lack of space, it is now neat, tidy, empty. Leaving here is the thing I want most but on the other hand I don't want to leave. I was getting used to it. Here I know everyone and everyone knows me. For many people I am no longer “Nienke's mother” but “Geraldine”. I like to have and keep everything under control, but going to Groningen means letting go of a lot of certainties and trusting that there is also a nice place for us where the walls will soon be covered with crafts and cards as well. Trust that the nurses, care assistants, nutrition assistants, cleaners, teachers and doctors are just as sweet there as here in Utrecht. Ladies (and gentleman) of the lion ward, you guys are the best!!! I don't know how I would have survived without you recently. You have not only taken care of Nienke but also me.


Original post: May 11,2020

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